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Gam's Delicacy – The eatery is an honest effort to bring varieties of ethnic cuisine from across the North East   under one roof. The forgotten taste of indigenous food, prepared painstakingly over hours, days together, smoked and steamed, stewed, roasted or even fried, so that finest from North Eastern specialties can be brought to the masses, maintaining international standard. The North Eastern ethnic cuisine resembles   world famous Thai food due to close proximity.   

Established on July 17. 2006 “Delicacy” located one of the city’s busiest hubs at Ganeshguri, Dispur. The founder, Mr. Bhuban Gam has a vision for “Delicacy” which is successfully carrying forwards to bring great taste of ethnic food to the fore. The biggest USP of the Restaurant is the authenticity of the flavor any original form of ethnic recipes. Since Assam is land of various species of Bamboo, it comes as no surprise that the interiors of the Delicacy don’t disprove this. The décor is Southeast Asian, but the whole ambience is local Bamboo trolleys, bell metal plates, copper jugs complete the ethnic look.

Once seated in the Restaurant one can go through the extensive menu on offer. On the fish menu that is very popular during the summers, there is an array of alternatives available for every item. For Example, if it is Fish Tenga one prefers, then one can go through from a verity of Tenga. Whether it is Tehkera, Lemon or Khorisa, that sweet one’s fancy. Similarly for fish Anja, one can choose from potato/Banana/Kosu Alu. Among the Chicken dish is available, there are item like Sesame Chicken in broken rice (Khundu Sawal), or one can opt. far a test of the Bodo dish onla, which is chicken cooked in rice flour. Duck meat with Black Dal also one among the favorites as also Pork Bamboo shoot Khorisa (fermented Bamboo Shoot) is also a huge hit. Smoked item provide visual treat also. With the traditional saang over the fireplace strategically placed in a transparent cubicle adding the touch of traditional village life to the denizens of the city. Boiled items are popular to, specially among the tribal clientele, while the crowning glory for many are the range Patot Diya items (steamed in a leaf wrapping) Haru Mass Patot Diya is a fish lover’s delight. The Purang, which is rice steams in Tora Paat, transforms the experience of an ordinary meal. Egg Curry of different types is also available.  Besides, four types of Chutneys are served accompaniments, the Nagaa Chataniy being the most sought after. There are varieties of Pickles on the Menu like Kon Jalikiya, Bih Jalakiya, to spice up any meal.

For those who prefer their meals course by course, there are many soups to serve as appetizers, and selection of indigenous deserts like KheerPayash, Curd and Mithai to round up a meal. The prices of the meals are reasonable too. A Vegetable Thaali comes for just Rs. 100.00 and with a few bucks more; there are so many items to rev it up. Food lovers can gorge on the delicious dishes without feeling the pinch in their pockets.

The restaurant put all sorts of culinary delight on the tables, prepared by expert chefs with such dedication to perfection that they are completely irresistible. The delicious food allowed one self to be lulled in to a sense of being transported to the orient. A visit to the Delicacy makes for warm inviting and pleasant experience.

As good reposes form our foodies we opened two outlets located at Betkuchi, NH-37, Opp: Maniram Dewan Trade Centre, Guwahati-35 and Assam House, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. India.


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